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Dog collars


Web collars :- $18 each

Have a range of colours, made from a double layer 1100kg breaking strength webbing,

Stainless steel fittings. Heaps of colours to choose from.

Can also do 1 inch wide two tone collars. They are a double layer in Black, Hunter or Brown with a colour layer on top so are super strong.

Done with stainless steel fittings. Price for 1 inch are $22 each

Wider Collars

Made from a 2inch wide Aussie webbing and are double layer. S/S fittings. Colours - Black, fluro pink, lime green, purple or Aqua.

$40 each

Side release collars

Made from a soft webbing (same as leads) One size fits most.

$15.50 each


Ute ties

These are great to keep your dog safe when on the back of your ute.

Very easy to use just clip to your ute then clip to collar.

Price $14 each



Made from a strong soft webbing in a range of colours with clip one end, loop handle the other.

Price:- $12 each


Bungie Lead

Great for dogs that pull.

$18 each

Colours that they can be done in is :- Red, navy, pink & Purple