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Web Stock Bridles

A great tuff allround bridle. Made from a 3/4" 1100kg breaking strength webbing.

Great for everyday use. Ideal for the kids at pony club, out working cattle or enjoying a trail ride.
Good for an all round work bridle.

Plus no need to take your bridle off to hose down after work and great to take them for a swim in too.

PRICE - $40 with nickle fittings

$59 - Stainless Steel fittings



Custom Bridles just drop us a line for a price.


Colours are:-Burgundy, gold, black, brown, emerald green, lime green, royal blue, purple, fluro pink and white.










They are a soft cotton that are 1inch/25mm wide. They come with trigger clip for bit attachment.

Great reins for those long rides, lovely and soft in your hands.

colours :-Natural (not pictured), Black, Purple & Brown

There are 2 styles :- Prices

Split reins with poppers on ends - $30

Loop reins - $25


Webbing Reins







Split reins


Split reins with loop for attachment to bit - PRICE :  $12


Colours- Can be made to match bridles.






Adjustable loop reins $25 a set, colours as above. We now have red.







Webbing colour available in the bridle colours, grip part only in Pink or Purple

Price $22







May in small pony, pony, cob and full


Great for teaching how to hold the reins. They have different colours along the reins.

Colours -  can be made to match bridles.


Price:- $22












Tiedown / Headcheck

Colours same as bridles are available.

Ring for tie down strap attachment.

Has a soft cover over nose for horse comfort.

Size :- cob/full


Price - $25 with nickle fittings

- $30 with Stainless steel fittings





TIE DOWN STRAP - $9 - nickle fittings





These reins are ideal for horses or ponies that like the grass more when on rides.

They adjust to suit your horse or pony. Standard size fits 10h to 14. hh, can be made to suit other sizes.

They are a great tool for the little ones so they don't get pulled out of the saddle.



Reins to suit stock bridle

Price :- $22


Simply clip the reins to the saddle, loop through the ring on the bridle and clip to the bit. Has a slide adjustment to adjust to the length you need.






Reins for English type bridles


They come with a extra bridle attachment (Head strap)with D's.

Then simply attach head strap to your bridle, loop through the D's clip reins onto your bridle and clip onto the saddle.

Price:- $29


These reins can be used at Pony club.

PCAQ - Grass Reins from the bit, up beside cheek strap, up through headpiece & onto D’s on saddle are allowed but only at rally days Cannot be used during competition except Gymkhanas for riders 8 years & under.













We have a range of bits available. Please email us to see what we have in stock.

Usually Stock the following bits -

Sweet Iron & Black snaffles


If you are after a particular bit we can order them in, so just ask.