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Lucky Spinning Bee foaled. - TWINS

Born 5th March 2010

Sire - Commander Freckles

What a shock to fine that our mare had foaled early and to have live twins. Chloe as we call her foaled 3 weeks early. She was looking very big but did not know she was having twins. She did very well having both foals with no help. She has turned out to be a super mum to them both. She is feeding both foals and always has plenty of milk.

She is such a great mare. Lets us do as we please with the foals.  As it did nothing but rain for the first weeks of their lives. I made them their own little rugs to keep them dry and warm when they were let out of the stable. They also have their own little day rugs also for the non rainy days. Their coats were so fine like touching velvet.

Both foals are doing well. I will try to put updated photos of them when I can.


Below their first few hours.

Below photos taken on the 7 & 8 /3/2010

How they are growing. Photos taken on the 4/4/2010. All are doing really well. Mum is keeping up with the milk and the foals are growing fast. As you can see they have had plenty of grass to eat. They love to hide in the grass too.


Below photos taken 23/4/2010, a very misty morning.

Will have to take some more photos as they have now outgrown their little rugs.


Dinner time with mum.




The fluffy butts.

Twins 22/6/10

Going really well, growing heaps as you can see.

Started to halter train.

Teaching them to lay down, they love this and go to sleep.





Bryce with the twins 29/7/2010


the twins have paddock names

Ben on the right

Bill on the left (with the socks)

Ben was the first born then Bill. (well we think)



They are very much alike, from a distance it is hard to tell which is which. But when they a close one is a bit darker in the coat and one has 2 hind socks, face markings are just slightly different. Both are still doing well and growing fine.

They are 5months old now. Will be weaning them next month. Mum has done such a great job with them.

Photo taken 8th August 2010.

Photos taken on the 12 of October

After a big lot of rain.

They are starting to drop their winter coats, Ben has a mowhalk on his belly.


Ben is the darker one

Bill is the lighter one 



The boys have now been gelded.

2011 - January

Well finally we get to wean them....they are now 10months old. Mum is looking a picture....fat as...... even though she is feeding 2, well not anymore.




Well as usual....weaning time = RAIN.

The boys are currently being weaned.

They are going well not worried much at all.

Mums doing well too. Had a huge udder but is good.







October 2011 --- Well haven't they grown. At 19months old


They always into everything.

Below - Ben is on the left, Billy on the right.

Ben has front leg problems.

Ben has had a vet check and it doesn't look good. :'-( such a lovely boy.

June 2013 - well the boys are still here with us..... Ben is just a paddock mate..


Mum and the boys taken 7th August 2014.

2016 January - Well Bill has been sold, he will be broken in to be a riding horse for his new home.

Ben is still with us.